The question of the day is: “What are you weighing for?” Countless people have tried to lose weight countless times in their lives. Some have succeeded and some have failed. The problem is, most people who think they failed never did! Why not? Because they were too busy just weighing themselves!

If your goal is to get in shape and be fit, then your weight is the last thing you should be caring about. You see, muscle actually weighs more than fat does. So while you are exercising, working out and getting in better shape, you get discouraged because your weight is staying the same. This is because your body is burning through fat and replacing it with a little muscle. Your body weight can stay exactly the same!

There are better metrics for getting in shape than what the scale says. What is your body fat percentage? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better at night? Can you do more rigorous exercises for prolonged periods of time? All of these questions will help you much more in understanding if you are getting in shape or not. So what are you weighing for? Stop weighing and start measuring your success in other ways!

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