One of the best ways to improve your health is Speed. No, I’m not talking about doing drugs. I’m talking how fast you can run. If you’re a fast runner, your body will be healthier, and you will have an advantage in nearly every sport.

It takes a lot of work to improve your speed, but it’s worth it. First, you have to find a place where you can time yourself. If you can find a running track with exact measurements like 50 yards, or 100 yards, or 200 yards, it will be helpful. However, if you can’t find one, it’s okay. You don’t absolutely need one. Just look for a place that you can run about 100 yards (or the length of a football field).

When you’ve found a spot, make sure you don’t simply take off as fast as possible without warming up. This could strain and pull your muscles and put you out of commission for a few days. After you’ve done some jogging and jumping and a lot of stretching, you’ll be ready to time yourself. Get a stopwatch ready and get set on the line. READY, SET, GO! Take off and sprint the distance as fast as you possibly can. Don’t slow down for anything until you’ve reached the finish line. Stop the timer and see what you got.

Don’t worry about comparing your time to others’, just resolve to improve your own time. After your run, walk around for a few minutes until you feel rested enough. Then, get back on the line, and READY, SET, GO! Do it again! Try to beat your first time. It may be hard, because you’re already tired from the first one, but try your best. Record your time again, and rest again. Now do it one last time. If you do this 3 times, your body should be pretty tired, and you can call it day. If you want to do a few more, go for it.

These Sprinting exercises will quickly improve your speed if you consistently do them several times per week.

Another kind of speed you will want to improve is your long-distance speed. A good way to approach this is to run a mile, and time how long it takes you. Then each day try to increase your pace to finish the mile in less time. You could use a treadmill to do this. Treadmills are very effective ways to increase pace because you can choose the pace you want, and the treadmill will keep you at that pace. You can find great treadmills with discount coupons at

With long distance speed training, and sprint speed training, your body will become toned and built very quickly. You will lose weight and build muscle and you will feel great as you see your speed improve.

Try these out. Hope it goes well! See you next time!

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