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Are you putting off getting fit because you don’t think you have the time? Think again! It’s easier to live a healthy lifestyle while taking care of business than you might imagine. eCollegeFinder, a resource for learning about online colleges, recently listed nearly 150 of the best fitness blogs on the Internet as part of the Top Health and Fitness Blogs Award. Each of the blogs was asked to give suggestions on how busy college students can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. The answers given are applicable to anyone with a tight schedule, student or not! Here are some of our favorites:

* Adrienne Langelier Racing says… that fitness needs to be a priority. Fitting regular exercise into your life will actually give you more energy to complete the other tasks you need to take on! If you make time to work out, you’ll sleep better and feel better, both paramount in keeping up with your responsibilities.

* Adventures in Running says… running is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to get in shape. When you don’t have time to incorporate multiple workouts into your day, choose running for a full-body exercise without the cost of gym membership.

* Pumps & Iron says… be flexible. While time management is key, learning to be flexible with your schedule can help you avoid quitting on fitness altogether. It may be discouraging if you’re forced to miss the time you allotted to work out or to cut your workout short. However, any time you can spend exercising is better than no time at all. Focus on making the most of the time you have to devote and if you have to miss one work out, don’t sweat it and don’t give up!

* Sweaty Escapades says… join a sports team. Organized sports will keep your exercise schedule regular and you’ll be working out with friends who share your interests. Turning fitness into a social experience can transform exercise from a chore into something you actually look forward to.

For more advice on keeping fit on a tight schedule, check out the contest and read more about what the winners had to say, or read this article – How to Stay Healthy in College

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