Weight Loss ResolutionsWith those New Year’s resolutions quickly approaching it’s hard for several of us to find the time or extra money for any sort fitness to get started on those resolutions and finally get in shape this year. Many of us think the thought of an expensive gym membership and/or buying fitness supplies to workout is not only costly but timely as well, but this does not always have to be the case.

It’s not only important to your health to stay active, but it may actually save you money when it comes to medical bills down the road by staying in shape! So What Are You Weighing For?! Use these 4 money-saving tips for squeezing in fitness and get started on those New Year’s resolutions:

  • Bike to WorkBike to Work. While I know this may not be possible for everyone, if your office is within biking distance you should take advantage of this and get in a good cycle workout on your journey. Not only are you getting in a good workout, but you are saving money on gas in the meantime as well. In fact, according to this article on MsPinchPenny.com, due to the Energy Improvement and Extension act, some employers are actually offering monetary reimbursements of $20 per month to cycling commuters as well, so be sure to ask your employer if they are taking part in this. I know many of you may be experiencing cold weather issues as well, if that’s the case check out these tips on how to Workout in Cold Outdoor Weather.
  • Make Your Home A Gym. Many think they need to pay for the expensive monthly gym memberships in order to get in a workout, yet this is not the only place you get work up a sweat. Sites such as YouTube.com and iBodyFit.com offer free workout videos that enable you to workout in the comfort of your home on your time. All you need is a working computer and internet access to receive your own personal fitness class right in your living room.
  • Turn Your House Cleaning Into A Workout. Taking all the laundry up to the kids rooms in one trip will be faster, yet won’t burn many calories. Instead try making several trips to give you a good cardio stair stepping workout. Do calf-raises while dusting, or squats when emptying the dishwasher. Hey these chores have to be done anyways before that family dinner party, might as well make them a little more worthwhile.
  • Break Up Your Workouts. You don’t have to do one continuous hour long workout to reap any benefits, because let’s be serious who has an extra hour a day. Instead you can try waking up 15 minutes early and doing exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, and push-ups before you hop in the shower. Do this again on your lunch break followed by a 15 minute walk around the office, or up and down the stairs. Splitting up your workout into two 30 minute, or even two 15 minute workouts is better than no fitness at all. The best part, these moves cost you nothing but a few extra calories. Check out these tips to help you Get Moving at Work as well.

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