Do you want to become huge, ripped and super fit? Of course you do; honestly, who does not? It is probably one of the most desired things by everybody on earth, to want to look fit.

There are three things to remember when you start pushing yourself to a new workout routine. The first is the exertion part of the exercise. This is where you will actually be running trails, lifting weights, or swimming laps. The exertion part is the part most people have no trouble with. People know that more needs to be done to get fit, they just don’t want to do it. So the trouble doesn’t come from lack of knowledge but rather from lack of discipline. People who are consistent with their exercise may be confused as to why they are not seeing the results they desire.

This is because they are missing key points two and three. The second thing you need with a good workout routine is a good diet plan. Good diet means good nutrition, you are going to have get proteins in your meals so that your body can synthesize new muscles, but you are also going to need vitamins and minerals so that the synthesis process can actually happen. Interestingly enough, minerals help the body perform the necessary chemical reactions that convert protein into muscle mass, so they are essential for body builders. Then with every pound of muscle that is gained you will have to be consuming an extra fifty calories a day. If you are not getting fifty calories per pound of muscle in your body then the body will start to break down those muscles.

The third part of a professional training routine would be rest. The actual time when the body starts making new muscles is when you are sleeping. The workout only tears the muscles and pumps them full of blood. There really is no muscle building happening during the exercising process. Sleep is the only time the body can turn off and start working to rebuild, so if you are exercising every day and not getting good sleep you will stunt your progress. In addition, use sleep, nutrition and exercise to get your physical progress. Make a scheduled plan so that you know exactly what you are eating daily and when you are exercising. Then at night make sure you get a good eight hours.

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