Running is the perfect workout, it activates almost every single muscle in the entire body, strengthens the core, and fortifies cardio like nothing else. Jogging, running, and sprinting are the best ways to increase all around health. Not only does the increased blood flow strengthen the muscles, but it also strengthens the brain ability to function.

Running also helps develop self-discipline, so if you can run a 5k race you can probably do most other things you set your mind to. 5ks are unique in the fact that they are both long distance and fast paced races, and because of this, runners need to be exceptionally conditioned. When training give yourself rest days in between all your training days. Start on Monday by running at 65 percent maximum pace for thirty to forty minutes, this is going to get your muscles used to the pace that will be necessary in the race. Tuesday, take a rest and let your muscles repair. Often people forget that a very important part of physical development is the resting period. Wednesday, get back to the run, this time though only run for fifteen minutes. After you have done that do four one minute runs at near maximum speed. In between each one minute run take a two minute break, doing this is called high intensity interval training (HIIT). This is the best way to create muscle development and promote caloric burn at the same time, but beware because this is going to obliterate your muscles. Thursday should be another rest day. Friday and Saturday you should still be in pain from Wednesday, so on both these days take a relaxing jog for around 40 minutes.

Once this becomes routine you will start to notice how the Friday and Saturday jogs start feeling like rest days. The purpose is to get to the point where a light jog is almost as natural as walking, doing this will allow you to maintain a quick pace throughout the entire five kilometer run.

Along with this training regimen you should be getting a good eight hours of sleep every single night and a lot of protein and veggies. The proteins are obviously to help your muscles repair, and the veggies to help the proteins repair your muscles. Don’t get discouraged if you take a day off, just jump right back into the exercise. The main thing you want to maintain is your motivation. One day isn’t going to kill you, but quitting altogether will definitely stop you from even running in the 5k. Check here for another 5k training routine.

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