Folic Acid

Spinach and MagnesiumAlso known as B9, folic acid helps in the production of red blood cells. Folic acid also helps to synthesize and repair DNA. This is especially important in the first three months of pregnancy. If you do not get have enough folic acid in your body then you may suffer from extreme tiredness due to anaemia which is a illness from lack of red blood cells. Foods that are rich in folic acid tend to be leafy green vegetables, carrots, egg yolks, and liver products.


Magnesium helps to build strong bones, regulate body temperature, and convert energy from food. It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. Green vegetables like legumes and spinach again come to the rescue as they provide a great source of magnesium. Cereals like raisin brand are also fortified with magnesium as well as chocolate milk. Magnesium deficiencies result in a wide variety of symptoms such as muscle spasms, personality changes, and even seizures.

These are just 2 more important vitamins and minerals to remember throughout your day for a healthier you.

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