iv-nutrition-therapyInterested in reviving yourself after training extremely hard for a marathon? Sick and need a type of therapy that will get the job done quickly? Or simply just want to hydrate yourself with essential and nutritious vitamins? IV Fusion Therapy will assist in trying to remedy any of these questions you might be asking yourself.

There are certain types of IV drip bags that serve different purposes in the medical world. The two most popular bags are called Myer’s and Rapid Recovery. A Myer’s bag, invented by a physician named John Myers from Baltimore, is filled with the necessary vitamins such as magnesiumcalcium, various B vitamins, and vitamin C needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only will it act as an aid to a healthy lifestyle, it will also prevent future health difficulties. This bag will greatly impact a person’s well-being. Doctors may recommend this type of IV therapy to someone with a sickness, or even if someone is deemed a fairly healthy person, they can still request this therapy for maintenance of living a healthy and prosperous life.

The theory behind this bag was to provide a simple and easy way of getting the most vitamins in one sitting. A rapid recovery bag is geared more for the athletes that go through intense training. Examples would include a marathon runner, crossfit member, cyclist, triathlete, and all the other athletes who spend extensive amounts of time in the sun. This particular bag was designed to restore an athlete with all the electrolytes needed to rehydrate and recover a body in the least amount of time possible, hence the name “Rapid Recovery”. If you’re the type of runner or athlete that needs immediate recovery in order to move onto that next big commitment, then this bag is perfect for you.

IV Fusion Therapy is becoming more attainable to the average citizen. You can find this type of therapy at almost any medical spa. Although it may seem a bit expensive, there is a one time new patient fee and from there the bill consists of a normal doctor’s office visit along with whichever bag you choose to do. The Myer’s bag costs about $100 whereas the Rapid Recovery is around $150. Now that these types of health discoveries are available to most citizens, we may end up seeing a drastic change in the health aspect of our constantly growing society. Furthermore, reports show that these bags are helping in marvelous ways. These bags are serving as a stepping-stone to a healthier lifestyle.

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