Plank ExerciseJust thought i would post a few fun excercises for you to try.

In and out slalom shuffle – The in and out slalom shuffle is an exercises that utilizes and imroves foot coordination, balance, and cardio. You can use tape or chalk to draw your area on the ground. Basically draw a ladder like shape on the ground: two 15′ long parallel lines about a foot apart, then connect those with cross lines about a foot apart. You’ll end up with a bunch of squares going in a straight line. Stand at the beginning on the right side, then put your left foot into the first square, followed by your right foot, then put your left foot to the left of the square, outside it, and then put your right foot up to the next square, followed by your left, and then put your right foot out to the right, and put your left up to the next one. You’ll notice a pattern. Go to the end of your squares slowly the first time with this pattern, and then go back again quickly. See how fast you can do this. This builds cardio and coordination very well.

HamString Curl – This is an interesting exercise you don’t see often. For this you’ll want two paper plates. Lye on your back, and bring your legs up with your knees bent, and put the paper plates under your feet (you’ll see why soon). Now, pull your hips up off the ground, arching your back, and with your hips up, straighten one leg by sliding it out straight, then slide it back up. Do the same thing for the other leg. Don’t let your hips down. Do about 10 of these. You’ll definitely feel the work it gives your hamstrings. When you’re finished switching legs, do another set, but do both legs at once. It’s a bit challenging, but it’s a great hamstring workout.

Planking – This is a great exercise to improve you core muscles as well as improve your posture. Stand up straight, and try to make sure you posture is as good as possible. Then kneel down, put your hands and forearms on the floor, and prop yourself up on your toes. Then bring your hips up to where you’re in the same posture as when you were standing. Hold yourself there for about 20 seconds, keeping you pelvis in and propped up. This keeps your core muscles working the whole time and builds muscle memory for when you’re standing up straight. It’s a great exercise.

Try some of these out. They’re good.

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