Climb everythingOne of the main things that children like to do to play is to climb things. Why do children like to climb on everything? There is some part of our physical and mental make up that gives us a sense of accomplishment and pride when we are able to climb atop something. We feel like we have power over it, and have conquered it.

Children, being innocent and lacking the judgements and restraints that we develop as we grow, can’t hold back when they see something they want to climb. They want the feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of being on top of the world, and so they tend to climb everything they can.

This is not a bad habit. In fact, adults still get the same sense of joy and accomplishment from climbing and standing atop things. However, due to social norms, it would be a bit strange to see adults clamboring up trees and street poles and wherever they went. We develop the ability to restrain ourselves very well so not to look odd or get into trouble. This restraint is obviously practical and necessary in some cases, but unfortunately it is taken too far, and people block out their desire to climb on things altogether. Most adults never climb on things just for fun and excitement. They are missing out!

I give you a challenge. Try to forget about your restraints and look for something each day that you would like to climb. Not so much a planned hike up a mountain, but more of a spontaneous and short climb up a tree, a large rock, a small building, etc. There are all sorts of things we can climb if we keep our eyes open. Make sure you are careful so that you don’t get hurt. Let me know how this goes! Have fun and good luck!

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