There are three main types of exercises: aerobic, strength training, core exercises.  They all have their own specific benefits that are going to improve your fitness.


Many people exercise the same exercise day after day, and then they are surprised when they never see any sort of muscular development.  This is because the body is super adaptable, and as soon as it catches on to what you are trying to do it will understand how to counter your actions.


So when you are trying to drop weight, the body is going to try to keep it because what if there is all of a sudden a huge famine, then you will need the fat to survive.  That is how your body thinks; keeping fat is simply a survival mechanism.


Don’t worry outsmarting your body is easy.  Instead of running every day, change your routine a bit.


Take some yoga classes and hit your core or work with some weights to build some upper arm strength.  Aerobic exercise predominately works to increase cardio strength, which is the number one most recommended thing by doctors.


However, doctors are not trained to know the importance of having a killer looking physique they only know how the body works and how to keep it working.  So even though running is going to do a lot for burning calories, it isn’t going to do as much for building muscles in other areas of your body.


If you are a woman then you probably shouldn’t feel too concerned with bulking up to get that “killer physique”.  However, your body may still become comfortable with your run, so you might try to mix it up with some good core exercises.


Core exercises are workouts like yoga, Pilates, and Zumba.  These types of exercise work the muscles in the center of your torso, the “core” muscles.


Many women, and men too, are concerned about their bloated belly.  There are a few things that contribute to your petulant pop belly, and there are few reasons you are not getting rid of it.


Core exercises do not actually build the veneer outer muscles of the abdomen like crunches do, they work the inside muscles to tighten the stomach inward.  So mixing aerobic and core exercise is a great way to get your stomach flattened fast.


Then every once in a while throw in some strength training to get a good even mix of exercises.  Your body will never know what hit it.

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