Muscle MemoryThe Human body is utterly amazing. The more we study it, the more we find just how incredible it is. One of its most amazing powers is called “muscle memory”. This is exactly what it sounds like, and is one of the most essential functions of our body. Without it, we would hardly be able to get anything done, and we would never be able to improve at anything that requires movement.

Muscle memory is basically the ability for our body to ‘remember’ how to do something without having to consciously think about it. We use it every day. When we walk, talk, type, text, drive and more. After much repetition of the same thing, our body is able to consolidate the attention and effort that it requires so much that we are able to do it without having to think about it.

This comes in extremely handy for things that would normally take a lot of effort. Children for example, struggle with walking because they have to think hard about every movement that they make. After they walk a lot, then it becomes easy and natural for them. We take for granted the things that we can do with muscle memory. A lifelong piano player will require less thought and attention to play Flight of the Bumblebees as a beginner would require to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The reason muscle memory is so incredible is because it enables us to learn anything. Anybody can learn how to play any instrument, play any sport, or do anything physical with enough practice. All it takes is patience and repetition until our brain makes it automatic. So, get out there and start trying new things. Develop muscle memory for as many things as you can. It makes life fun.

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