Isn’t it every dieters dream, eat more and lose weight. This whey you don’t have to feel the pain of insatiable hunger, and, better yet, you do not have to cut back on nutrients. The tricks to eating more and losing weight are actually quite easy.


Trick one: Eat on Schedule 

According to Satchin Panda, PhD, The body burns more calories at different times of the day.  The interesting thing about this is that those times totally depend on your eating habits.

Keep a routine schedule. Eat at the same time everyday. This will get your body used to the caloric intake and that way it will be prepared to blast the consumed calories as soon as they hit the base of the belly.


Trick Two: Eat Smaller Portions

The belly isn’t that big, but it can stretch pretty good.  Put your hands together at the finger tips with your palms apart.    That empty space in between your fingers, that is a rough estimate of how big your belly is.  for some it maybe smaller and for others it may be bigger.  The stomach is very elastic and can stretch father than Adele’s pants.

Eating smaller portions will keep your stomach from over stretching, and developing a pop belly.  This will allow you to eat every two to three hours.  Just make sure the portions are not too big.


Trick Three: Account for Bedtime

When the body goes into slumber-mode it burns very few calories.  So most of what you eat right before bed is just turned straight to fat without ever having a chance of being burned.  So here is what you do. Eat three hours before you go to sleep.  This may sound difficult, but it will make a huge difference in your waist line.  If you absolutely must have a snack to cozy your appetite and comfort you to rest, then try some cottage cheese.  This is a slow digesting protein that is low in calories, so it wont do a lot of damage to your fat deposits.

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