The trick to getting ripped is pushing yourself harder and harder every single day.  This should sound challenging. Dropping weight and bulking up isn’t an easy thing, it is actually hard to do.  It is going to take some discipline and that is the truth.  So the question is, how do you motivate yourself when nothing less than perfect will do?


Keep a Journal

Accountability, this is a huge key to success.  We recommend you keep a journal within which you record all the things you did throughout the day. Record the good and the bad.  This is how you are going to become accountable.  With each sentence you write you will be reminded of your accomplishments, and also your short comings.   In a study done with some chicks, they determined that women who kept a journal of what they ate, lost on average 9 more pounds than their non-journalistic counterparts.

New Environment.

Of course you probably feel very comfortable in your cozy little bubble. We are not looking for cozy we are looking for hardcore change.  Now the friends you have probably been great to you, and I am sure if they are truly your friends they will support you in your fitness endeavors.  So either get them to accompany you to the gym two to three times a week, or find some friends that will accompany you.

The downside to this tip. Sever yourself from the things that are holding you back. Trust me it is really worth it.

Get a Mantra

This sounds quirky, but it actually works.  Tell yourself something that you think is motivating.  Last week mine was “Push it to Prove You are Alive”  this week thought it has changed to “Nothing short of Perfect will work.” These have to be personal.  read a motivating story about some team that wins the gold medal or rugby or something.


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