havasu falls
I just had a chance to visit the famous Havasupai falls next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Boy what a treat that was. If there’s a hike in this world I would recommend it would be that. The hike was very strenuous and long, but it was worth it. Havasupai is on an Indian reservation, and it’s a 10 mile hike into a giant beautiful canyon. With this as with other long hikes make sure to bring only the essentials. You’re going to need to bring a pack, and if your pack weighs over 40 or 50 lbs, you’re going to be throwing things out of it halfway down the hike. Also be sure to bring plenty of water. If you run out you’re really going to regret it. People will usually drink over a half gallon each on this hike, so be sure to bring at least that much.

The hike leads you into a beautiful set of waterfalls. The water is crystal clear with a bluish tint. You can spend many days there without running out of things to do. If you plan to spend many days in the canyon make sure to bring plenty of food. People tend to get hungry quickly and eat a lot when out in the sun having fun. However, make sure to bring dried foods. Anything else will be heavy and weigh down your pack, and you will regret it. Make sure to bring a very light tent. If not for the millions of mosquitos I would recommend not using a tent at all, but the mosquitos will eat you alive if you stay out in the open.

The hike out is the hardest part. Coming in, everything is downhill, but going out, everything is uphill. It’s a good idea to hike during the night to avoid getting heatstroke. It gets very hot in there. The last mile before you reach the parking area is very steep uphill switchbacks, so be ready for that. After the hike your legs will probably be very sore, but you will still be very glad you went. The effort just makes it that much better.

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