Digestion is a huge part of weight loss.  This much a toddler could tell you, that is if he was ever concerned with his weight, which is very unlikely.  The intestines play a huge role in the digestion and metabolism process, which of course are major factors in calories being burned.  Right.  So how do you take care of your intestines and help them help you to digest foods better? The intestines are filled with a lot of bacteria.  Some of these bacteria are bad, but for the most part these are all going to be really good.  These bacteria work to break apart the food that you consume, so that you can take the nutrients into your blood and pass the rest on to, well, you know where.


A great way to stimulate the small intestines and get them working the best they know how is to completely empty them out. Sort of like a factory reset on your Andriod, you know, get all the crap out of it.  Now, there are a few ways to do this.  Of course you could use laxatives, natural laxatives like foods high in vitamin C and fiber are going to be much healthier than the laxative drink mixes. These medical laxatives, this are dangerous and should not be used unless it is absolutely necessary, which hopefully is never.  However there is another way, a more discreet way of  excreting that refuse.  It is by running.


Have you ever heard of “Runner’s Runs”?  Well, it is a thing.  What happens is runners poop themselves.  It is gross and it is uncomfortable, but it happens.  Depending on your athletic ability you may have to run farther to get the same draining affects.  Usually you can hold it in long enough to make it to a safe point before discharge.  Anyway it is a great tool for weight loss, just run until whatever you have in you starts coming out.

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