This is good too, but not the kind of salsa we are talking about

This isn’t about upbeat Latin dance. This is an article that explores the holistic benefits of sauce.

Salsa is delicious to say the least, but how can that be when it is just a mix of all the yuckiest vegetables blended together like a predigested diet pill, except it’s in sauce form instead of a capsule. Look at the ingredients to this sauce, you have tomatoes (which are gross), onions (more gross), chilies (moderately gross), olive oil (yup, it’s gross too), then garlic and lime juice.

To be perfectly honest lime juice is not gross and garlic makes everything taste better, but either one alone is going to be less than satisfying and that is a fact. Somehow though, when you take all of these and put them in a blender you get a delicious dipping sauce.

The best thing about salsa has to be the taste. It is tangy, zesty, juicy, and sweet, it is the perfect blend of all things good.

Tomatos, onions, garlic, peppers, and cilantro

There we go. That is what I am talking about.

Anytime you are eating food that you like or just food at all, the brain is releasing dopamine to signify that you are doing something beneficial to life. Eating food is how the body takes in nutrients that will help replenish dying cells.

Salsa is nutrient rich super food. You have probably heard of all those great miraculous juices that are supposed to improve your life by 50 percent in five days, salsa is actually just as healthy if not healthier than these newfangled health products.

Tomatoes are jam packed of all sorts of nutrients. They provide a great source of vitamins and minerals, but beyond that they provide the super flavonoid lycopene among thousands of other phytochemicals that are all going to work synergistically to benefit each other and, more importantly, your body.

Tomatoes have had a lot of hype these last few years. Ever since nutritionist discovered that lycopene is great for the heart everyone has been on a tomato high.

Garlic and onions, however, have stood the test to time. For generations and generations garlic and onions have been revered in many different cultures as a holistic cure for many diseases.

The reason being is that both these plants have an exuberant amount of the B vitamins. These vitamins are powerful anti-oxidants that are going to work throughout the body killing free radicals and preventing virus and disease.

Then you mix in some lime juice, or as a health nut would say “vitamin C” juice, and you have a complete sauce that is completely healthy and delicious. Oh, plus chilies increase the immune system and also stimulate endorphins in the brain, so basically it the best sauce on the planet.

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