Let us philosophize for a minute.  I wonder if there could be pragmatic approach to holistic health.  Let us try to eliminate the the frivolous trite that pollutes the health industry, if not just for a while at least.

You are a composite mixture of everything you have experienced in your life, and these experiences have all come through your ability to perceptual.  Perception is nothing more than sensations like hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, and seeing.


However, there is another part of your being that is not accounted for through perception, and that is the mind.  People have the curious ability to think about the past, and almost relive it to a small degree; furthermore, they have the slight ability to look into the future and envision the possible outcomes.


Sensations and perception do not exist beyond a single moment of time. At any given second of the day you are there and only there, you cannot actually be perceiving the future or the past simply because that is beyond your temporal awareness. Because of your physical being you are limited to time and space.  However, are awareness suggests something different.


Even now as you read this article you are traveling through time.  That you can understand the meaning or the central idea of the article shows that you have an understanding of things that exist beyond a single instant.


Religion would teach that this ability to perceive things beyond what is temporal would come from the soul.  It is widely believed that that the human soul is of a higher plane of existence, but trapped in a three dimensional vessel (your physical body).


Speculation would lead one to conclude that a four dimensional being would be able to travel through time like people can travel on a physical plane. In a sense, the awareness of time as a concept beyond temporal possibility testifies of the soul or mind of man being of higher awareness than can be fully conceived by his temporal body.


How is it that, an idea that takes minutes to outline with words can be understood within a single instant?  Of course you have that idea within you, but you are not fully aware of the idea until you have spelled it out to yourself.


The mind is capable of conceiving ideas faster than your temporal awareness can perceive it.    This is being in time and this awareness of time, even though it often remains concealed, has allowed men to monitor their physical health.


In prehistoric times it was normal for Neanderthal ancestors to eat high calorie foods so that they could gain protective fat for the winter.  Of course, the winter isn’t as trying or oppressing for modern society as it was for the past civilizations.


Because you are a sentient being you can choose  how you develop your body.  The body is nothing more than a conglomeration of atomic particles held together by a central intelligence, and you have the gifted ability of understanding exactly how to develop it in any way you want. So use this pearl of knowledge to make worthwhile decisions.

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