Do you want to get rid of that extra arm jiggle? Well, I’ve got your answer to sculpted arms in weeks! Surprisingly, it does not take as long as you’d think to tone up your arms. All it takes is some time and some motivation. This post will give you a great arm workout that you can do in your own home! You will repeat this exercise three times a week, with one rest day between each day.

This arm exercise is called the “Three-Point Row”:

  • Spread your feet hips distance apart from each other, and then stand with your right foot in front of your left, still hip distance apart. Then place your right arm on a bench or table, and hold a weight (5 lbs – 12 lbs depending on your level) in your left arm. You will hold your left arm (with the weight) in a right degree angle from your body.
  • The first motion you will do is have your palm facing right (towards your body) and lower your whole arm. Then bring it back up.
  • Next, after you bring your arm back up, you will rotate your palm to face back, and your fist is pointing to the ground. You will lower from there and bring it back up, like the last step.
  • Last, you will rotate your palm one more time and this time your palm will face left (away from your body), then you will lower your arm and bring it back up, like the last two steps.
  • You will repeat these steps 5 to 10 times, then switch arms and repeat.

**This workout is a little tough to visualize, so if you’d like to see a video on how to do it, click here.

Many people are so worried about their cardio exercise and running in general, and they forget that they are not working their arms, at all, while running. You have to do your own unique and individual exercises to work out your arms.

Remember, it is not difficult to do any exercises, necessarily. It is hard to find the motivation and time to do them. Once your ready to exercise, you are already passed the hardest part. Try and make exercise fun, and make your routine enjoyable. Next, stick to a routine. Try doing this arm workout for three weeks and see if there is any result at all. If you see results, that should definitely keep you motivated to keep going.

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