How far can you run? Have you measured your furthest running distance recently? This can be one of the most motivational factors in exercising. Rather than exercising just to look better and feel better, make the exercise itself important to you by setting goals and working toward them. This will give you more motivation, and losing weight and looking better will be extra bonuses.

Consider getting a treadmill. These are great for tracking your distance, speed, and progress. If you have a treadmill in your home you are 5 times more likely to get on it and run than you are to go outside and run. (Here’s a great site to compare different brands of treadmills and get great deals on them: If you’re tough enough to brave the weather, go for it.

Choose a pace that you can run at for a long time. Don’t overdo it or it will be too painful and you’ll never want to run again. Choose a specific distance you want to run, such as 1/2 mile or 1 mile. With a specific distance it’s much easier to keep pushing yourself until you make it. If you don’t have a specific distance it’s too easy to give up too soon. If you reach your distance without much effort, pat yourself on the back and set it a little further on your next run. If you try your hardest, but just can’t make it to your distance, try lowering it a little bit and try again next time. You will be surprised at how quickly your distance improves. If you run each day, within just a matter of weeks, you will see a great improvement.

As your distance increases try increasing your pace. This will make your legs stronger and faster. Try timing yourself on a mile or 2 mile run. Timed runs can be great motivators to pushing yourself further. As you watch your distance and pace increase, while your time decreases, you will also see your body getting healthier, skinnier, and stronger. You will feel better all day long.

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