There is one very important aspect of health that seems to be neglected in today’s society. That is, sleep. Sleep is one of the big factors in our overall well-being. When we are fully rested, our minds are alert, clear, and ready for anything. Our bodies are energetic, and our attitude seems to be invigorated.

When we do not receive the amount of sleep that our bodies require, it takes a direct toll upon our minds, bodies, and attitudes. Our brains forget easier, and think slower, our reasoning power is dulled, we can’t retain new information well, and coming up with new ideas is near impossible. Our physical energy is drained, we are more lethargic and don’t want to use our bodies. Our attitudes are more easily discouraged, depressed, and unexcited.

In order to get an adequate amount of sleep we need, ideally, about 8 or 9 hours per night. With the habits most of us have gotten into, this can seem like a lot. But if we make our sleep a priority, all of us can manage our time to get that much in. It just takes developing a pattern and a routine.

In order to develop a sleeping pattern we need to set a bed time. This can be hard for many adults. We also need to set a wake-up time. This should be a daily routine. After following this routine for a week or so, you will notice that it is much easier to get to sleep, and wake up. This is because your body is used to the routine, and follows it almost automatically. As soon as you slip into bed, your body recognizes that as its cue, and it goes to sleep.

Much of the time, sleep problems persist because our body doesn’t know what we want from it. When we train our body with a sleep pattern, our body knows exactly when to sleep and when to rise. This is very healthy because it not only gives us the optimum amount of sleep, but also optimum quality of sleep. If we follow a pattern and get adequate sleep we will benefit in body, mind, spirit, and attitude. We will perform at our peak performance, and we will learn and grow quicker than ever. This is a very good habit to implement.

Give it a shot! good luck.

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