It has been a week since I began my resolve.

I run a couple miles every other day, on the days I don’t run I bike.  I found that I can only do sprints twice a week, because they kill.  I literally feel like my heart is going to explode after sprints.  Not to mention my legs are sore for at least two days.

The running and biking is all to strengthen my heart.  I have noticed exercising makes my determination muscle (if that is a thing) stronger. I can push myself much harder than I was at the begging of the first week. It is funny.  I haven’t ‘seen’ results yet because it has only been one week, but I can definitely tell I am getting stronger.

All the cardio exercise is only to help me with my strength training.  However I only work with body weight resistance so as to keep a very lean physique. I have been trying to build upper body strength to improve rock climbing ability and just to look sexy as hell when I take my shirt off.  So I have been doing 3 different exercises in a circuit every other day: push ups, dips, and pull ups.

First I do push ups. But I don’t do them like a boring gym teacher. I mix it up each time.  I figure how often do you move your arm in the same motion when actually using it to climb or pass a basket ball? The answer is hardly ever. So I do some less traditional push ups.

Hindu Pushups

One leg push ups

One Arm Push ups.

 Understand that it really helps to diversify your exercise. It helps you to exercise more muscle harder, the exercise becomes at least three times more effective when you start doing the more ‘creative’ exercises.  So yeah get creative with it.

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