It seems that with each passing year, there seems to be some new fad that claims to be the next wave of fitness, or the next wave of health.  Considering this, there have been many waves, and not all of them have been very practical.


Diets, routines, and new machines alike have permeated the infomercial world for as long back as television and internet have been around.  Frankly between all the new fads, it can be hard to really see the value in any of what is being sold by the different companies and inventors.


However, there is one piece of exercise equipment that has improved over time, but has stayed relatively the same, in form and in use.  The piece of exercise equipment is known as a rebounder, or a mini-trampoline.


A rebounder, as has been mentioned is not much more than a mini-trampoline.  Therefore, there are no gimmicks, not marketing ploys, just a straightforward workout that involves using the elasticity of the jumping mat to exercise.  In other words, it used to jump up and down on it.


Rebounding may seem like an ineffective exercise, but if done correctly, it can be as effective if not more effective, considering all the benefits, than other traditional exercises.  In truth, although it is jumping up and down, the unique nature of a rebounder allows for some added benefits.


First and foremost, rebounding is a low impact exercise, meaning there is very little stress that is put on joints and bones when running or jumping is significantly reduced.  This makes the exercise much less damaging in the long run.


One key characteristic that rebounding possesses is the positive effect that it has on the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is the system by which white blood cells flow through the body and which waste is also transported.


The lymphatic system is a lot like the blood system reaching throughout the whole body, but does flow in the same way the blood system does.  Therefore, through rebounding, the lymphatic system which is largely responsible for health is circulated.


All in all, rebounding is a not only a great way to get into shape, and to get healthier, but it is also very fun and enjoyable.  Rebounding is an exercise that the whole family can participate in, young and old, and has been consistent throughout the many years since it has been conceived.

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