Last Sunday I came home from work and started writing in my journal. That is when I found it, starring at me on a blank page of paper, an entire page full of white resolve.

So I scribbled down what I intended to accomplish. That is the first step, determine what you want.

Then I started thinking about how I was going to do it. Step two, write down comprehensive steps to achieving your desires.

I meditated on that for a while, trying to really get an idea for how much work and pain it was going to be.  Then I drank some tea and went to sleep.

At 6 in the morning on Monday I woke up, ate breakfast and started to put the resolve into action.  Step three, do it.

So far it has only been two days since the routine began.

Resolve: I am going to gain pectoral mass and tone my stomach till it looks like 16th century cobblestone.  I am also going to run a marathon and climb a v 12.  The V 12 is going to be the hardest, but I think I can get it. No. I know I can.

Plan of Action: I am going to do HIIT every other day except on the weekends when I will just go for a jog.  I am going to do 100 push ups a day.  I think I might even try to do one of those workout routine videos like insanity or p90x. Of course, along with that I will be climbing regularly.

First Step: Monday at 6 am I woke up and started the routine.   Monday at 7: 15 am I got sick from running sprints and puked up my breakfast.

I think I am doing good. I am going to keep you guys informed and up to date.  So check back and see how I am doing.

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