There are a few tricky steps to becoming a “runner”. And no, running once every other Wednesday preceding a visit from your mother-in-law doesn’t earn you the title of “runner”. Running is one of the best exercises on the planet. Swimmers, bikers, climbers, and slack-liners pale in comparison to runners. This is one of the few sports you can do everyday without over-straining the body. It tightens the core muscles thus strengthening spine and posture, and because it predominantly works the largest group of muscles in the body there is an excessive amount of weight loss. But, before running there are some necessary prerequisites.


Prerequisite 1. Time.

This is the hardest one for me.  I found the best way to make time is to just take the day by the horns, wrestle it down and carve out a little portion specifically for running. By this I mean it is best to wake up thirty minutes earlier in the morning and go for a run.


Prerequisite 2. Comfort.

There is going to be a certain amount of discomfort in any run.  That is why you are going to have to take the day by the horns, wrestle it down and saddle up. Now most the time riding a bull isn’t very comfy, but it is worth it.  Well, in the metaphorical sense where “bull” means “run” it is worth it.  I do not actually mean to advocate bull riding.  The point is, man up and do it.  Some things like shoes and clothes can help make the run a little more comfortable.


Prerequisite 3. Gear.

Gear is not actually necessary, but it totally helps.  I found I can run for approximately half a mile barefoot, but when I put on my generation 5 Nikes I can run nearly 4 miles.  That is an 800 percent increase in distance. Worth it? I say it is. Gym shorts, sweat bands and tank tops all help to make running much more comfortable.  I may even go as far as to suggest getting an Ipod and a little carrier case for it.



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