What was he eating that made him look like this?

Breakfast: 2 eggs and some good fat (something like avocados or almond butter).


Snack: protein bar


Lunch:Chicken, tuna, or albacore wrap with a salad


Another Snack: Apple and almonds, or another protein bar


Dinner: fish or chicken (lean meat) with brown rice and a salad.


Yet Another Freaking Snack: Protein shake.


So that is what Ryan did.  He at six meals a day.  the trick to keeping a lean looking physique, besides exercise and healthy eating, is eating smaller portions throughout the day.  Doing this allows you to keep your stomach tight and un-bloated.  So yeah, that is it, eat less more.  Of course, you have to be eating healthy things and also incorporate a good amount of exercise.

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