Ladies and gentlemen, it is summer time.  That means it is time to lose your tops. Of course I mean that in the classiest way possible.  With the summer sun shining so brightly it is the perfect time to get out side and show off your midriff, perhaps get a tan too.  Tanning is easy though, the hard part is hardening your body and shedding that winter weight you may have accumulated over the holiday.  Here is how we are going to get rid of extra weight, and we are going to do it without one of Beyonce’s crazy diet plans.

No More Junk


Is this what you really want?

If you want a tight and tot body then you got to resist those tasty treats, and that also means you can’t drink alcohol anymore either.  You are going to have to make a choice. Do you want to be slender and sexy or would you rather eat sweets and drink booze?  Here is a little extra info to hopefully prevent you from choosing option B.

Sweets and alcohol are both super packed with calories, and they have basically no nutritional value.  You may have heard something on the radio or on some tabloid about chocolate being good for you. Truth is coco is good for you, not a king size Snickers.  So it is alright to eat dark chocolate once a week, but more than that it is just going to be excess.
The worst part about this treats and alcohols is not the calories bur rather the toxins.  These pollute your liver, alcohol more so than the sweets, and this is really going to make losing weight tough.  The liver is responsible for creating bile, which then crawls throughout the fat cells in the body and turns stored fat into energy.  This is what you want to happen if you are trying to tone down.  However, if your liver is all gunked up with nasty toxins then it will not be able to produce the bile necessary for weight loss.
So try your best to get a lot of green veggies and fruit in your diet.  These are going to naturally support the liver, making bile production easier and help your body to lose weight naturally, not to mention they have much fewer calories in them. I know most people have developed a pretty sinister aversion to anything healthy as consequence of being force fed as a kid, but, trust me, eating healthy gets easier and easier the more you do it.  Truth is, after a while it even becomes enjoyable. No joke.
30 Minutes A Day
Exercise by running

Try doing something like this.

There are two ways your body starts burning calories.  One of them is from your metabolism, this is the bodies first option.  The second is burning calories from fat, and this one is much more difficult for the body to do.  The body naturally wants to use the food that is in your belly as fuel, so if you want to work off fat you have to burn through the immediate fuel store you have.  

Exercising for thirty minutes is the best way to get the body to start burning calories from fat.  You can do this with any exercise you want, but the ones that are going to be most effective are the ones that cover a large group of muscles.  Exercises like jogging and swimming are both super effective, and as an extra bonus can be performed with the shirt off, so you can start developing that tan.



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