One of the most important aspects of health is what kinds of food you eat on a daily basis. However large or skinny you may be, what you take into your body will have perhaps the greatest impact on how well your body functions, and how well you feel.

If we measure our health based on our size and weight, we are failing to recognize many factors that may be out of our control. Our genetics and bone structure play an important role in determining the shape and size of our body. These things are completely out of our control, and have little to do with the healthiness of our body.

One thing we can all control is what we eat. This factor has everything to do with how healthy we are inside. A skinny person who eats poorly could be much less healthy than a large person who eats well. Our food affects our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well being much more than our size does.

Many people have the idea that it costs much more to eat healthy. This is simply not true. One way to determine how healthy we eat is to pay attention to how we shop. When we enter the grocery store, where do we go first? Do we go around the outside, or do we wander through the inside isles? The outer edge is where stores put all of the healthy foods: the fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, cheeses, eggs, milk, etc. These things are usually natural and raw. The inside isles are the pre-made items, the sweets, and the fatty foods. These are the things to watch out for. If you find yourself shopping through the inside isles, it means you like easy, quick and unhealthy food, rather than homemade healthy foods.

Try it out. Try sticking to the outer edge of the stores when you shop. This one simple method will really help you to eat healthier, and maintain your overall well being, regardless of your weight or size.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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