Lately I have been trying to isolate the fundamentals of  healthy living.  What are the things that people should know or have to help them become more healthy.  I thought of three different things that will be needed, keep in mind they are metaphorical. It doesn’t matter whether you are working toward a promotion at work or if you are trying to fit back into that dress you wore in high school, these three  metaphorical objects are a sword, a shield and a mirror.  These will keep you on your path to self betterment, all you have to do is remember them and keep them in mind.

The sword is the offensive power you will need.  You are not going to win any battles unless you have the strength to put forward some blows. I am not talking about hurting anybody.  I am talking about fighting metaphorical battles.  If you want to lose weight you are going to have to stand up and fight to cut back the grease.  If you want a better job you are going to have to go show your experience, which means your past work and labors.  A sword goes in your right hand. With a great sword you will be able to easily carry forward.

In the left hand, close to the heart, is where you will hold the shield.  In life there are many battles that we cannot win.  There are things we have to shield ourselves from.There are times when distancing ourselves is the only way we can protect ourselves.  Just as the sword will carry you forward, the shield will keep you unharmed.

A quick interjection if I may.  The three objects being metaphorical could be described as, well anything, even simple things as a line.  I find it interesting that the triangle is the most stable and structurally sound shape of them all.

At the base of your triangle you will have a mirror.  Imagine you are on a path, the sword is cutting through the shrubbery and the shield is protecting your from beasts.  It sounds a bit mid-evil, but lets continue.  The triangle will be at the top of the path, making an arrow pointing forward. The mirror plays a very important role. Being that it is the base of the triangle it allows you to look back to make sure the bath is still in line behind you.

This may be a complicated for some to understand.  The idea is to watch yourself and keep in mind what you want to become.  If you have ever heard the story of David you will know that he was overcome by pride.  The mirror is protection against ourselves. However, it also serves as a reminder to help us know what we are working toward.

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