Stress and Weight LossWhen you are chronically stressed your body goes into a state similar to the fight or flight syndrome and produces chemicals like cortisol which can have a big impact on your weight loss goals. Cortisol has the effect of making your body store more fat which may just add more stress to your already stressful life. It’s a vicious cycle, but the reason your body does this is no accident. Say you were in physical danger, like if a big scary bull dog were to start chasing after you, the fight or flight syndrome would produce these chemicals that would lower your appetite, increase your energy, and make you more likely to escape or fight off the dog. The problem though is that the things that stress us are generally more among things like job loss, bills to pay, and other such inactive stressors. Generally we do not make use of the extra energy and when it comes time to replenish the energy that we didn’t even use our body doesn’t know and drives us to eat more. So do your best to keep relaxed!

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