Usually when we think of changing something about ourselves, whatever it may be, we are usually intimidated by the idea of how much time it will take. While that is correct, it always takes time to change things, there is a different kind of change that occurs instantly. That change is in our attitude. And it takes no time at all.
Sure old habits, physical shape and health, social skills, job skills, or anything else are going to take commitment, persistence, patience, and hard work, but the very moment we make the decision that we’re going to change, we’ve already done it.

Think of it as if you’re in a desert. You’re all alone, and wandering aimlessly hoping to find some source of water. Then you see in the distance, a beautiful oasis. You immediately change your direction from wherever you were heading, and walk toward that oasis. At that moment, everything has changed. Even though you haven’t reached the oasis yet, you have a direction, you can see where you want to go, and you have a purpose to pressing forward. As long as you can see that Oasis you’re going to keep moving forward because that is what you want more than anything else.

That is like our lives. As soon as we get a glimpse of what we want to become, and we change our direction toward it, that is the real moment of change. It takes no time at all, just a decision. It will happen in an instant if we let it. The hard work will be next, but as long as we keep our eye on that oasis, we will have a reason to keep pressing forward.

So don’t be intimidated by thinking of how long something will take. Make the change today. You won’t become a new person on the outside overnight, but you can on the inside. Real happiness only really comes when we’re heading in its direction. So change your direction today, and don’t turn away! You got this!

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