The Key to Pain and Pleasure in Weight Loss Success


Instant gratification, quick fix, magic bullet or a magic pill is the most sought after solution to any problem.  We all hope that it exists, but deep down know that there really is no such thing.  And if there is, it often leads to the path of doom.


There are two motivators in life and those are: pain and pleasure.  There is a well-known fact that people will do more to avoid pain than to experience pleasure.  But what happens when two pains or two pleasures appear next to each other.  Which one will motivate you?  Let me explain…


When on a weight loss journey the focus and the challenge is to overcome the instant pleasure of indulging in junk food or to avoid the instant pain that exercise may bring along.  Unfortunately this is where most people come unstuck, as focusing on an instant fix/pleasure or avoiding instant pain will keep them stuck at the same or higher weight for years.


On the flip side is delayed pain and delayed pleasure.  Delayed pain means that you can potentially get diagnosed with a life threatening disease or have a heart attack due to being overweight.  Delayed pleasure is having your ideal body with which you gain increased confidence, self-esteem, the ability to wear new smaller clothes and experience an improvement in your relationships.  Doesn’t that sound great?


Knowing this now which one will you choose to focus on?  Instant pain/pleasure or delayed pain/pleasure.  Having the awareness of this, you now have a choice and the ability to ask yourself the question next time you find yourself with a craving at the pantry/fridge:  What am I choosing to focus on?  Instant or delayed?  Delayed pain and pleasure will give you your life back as well as your body and health.  Instant pain and pleasure will keep you stuck in that rut, low on energy, low confidence and a ticking time bomb that may go off unexpectedly.


So why is it so hard to stay focussed on the delayed outcome?  I believe because it doesn’t seem real, it’s distant in the future and not as tangible as the instant outcome.  It may happen and it may not.  It’s the unknown.


To overcome this visualise and affirm to yourself what the future will hold for you. Of course in the positive way, surround yourself with pictures of health, people that have the results you are after and educate yourself around your mindset.  Get to know yourself and work out your triggers once and for all.


Remember these two principles in everything you want to pursue or change in your life.  It works the same way.  It will save you tons of time and unnecessary frustration in moving you toward your goals.


Accept the fact that there really is not a quick fix and that a journey to success in any field is a marathon, not a sprint.



Natasa Denman, The Ultimate Weight Loss Coach and author of ‘The 7 Ultimate Secrets To Weight Loss’. To learn more of my strategies and tips on setting yourself up for Weight Loss Success visit my website and become a member for free. Make the change in your life today. Remember, there are only two times in your life, now and too late.




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