Your metabolism is the amount of energy your body will use everyday. The higher the metabolism, the faster your body goes through energy. The lower the metabolism, well, the slower your body will go through energy. This is why it is so hard or so easy for different people to lose weight. A high metabolism will use up more energy and thereby store less fat.

Often times after a surgery or long period of inactivity your body’s metabolism will significantly decrease. This is also true with aging. Although this is an unfortunate thing, there are a few things you can do to regain or even increase your metabolism.

1. Exercise

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The more you exercise, the more you build up muscle mass. Muscles use up more energy and elevate your metabolism.

2. Eat Breakfast

Don’t skip out on meals, but try to space them evenly throughout your day. This gives your body access to that energy every moment of the day. If you are skipping meals, your body will end up conserving fat and burning the energy slower.

3. Eat more Protein

Protein is harder for your body to break down, causing your body to spend more calories to digest. Eating lean chicken, beef, and fish can be a great way to start a meal off that will raise your metabolism.

4. Relax

Stress causes your body to send out hormones that cause you to stores more fat.

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