Top 10 Healthy Foods
I think all of us hope someday a magic pill will be developed that we can pop down each morning that will provide us with all the vitamins and nutrients that we need to be healthy. Although there are endless pills and formulas that claim to do that for us, through experience, we’ve learned that no matter what kind of pills or supplements we take, diet still comes out on top. The foods we eat and beverages we drink will always be the most important factor in our health.

Although there is no fix-all pill, there are some foods that if eaten regularly will give us the nutrition we would hope for from any pill or formula. These foods are chosen based on what is affordable, widely available, and easy to prepare and include in every meal. This is what makes them superfoods. They may be more common than you’d have expected. The list is based on reasearch from WEBMD

#1. Fat Free Yogurt
#2. Eggs
#3. Nuts
#4. Kiwis
#5. Quinoa
#6. Beans
#7. Salmon
#8. Broccoli
#9. Sweet Potatoes
#10. Berries

All these together, make a very balanced and healthy diet. You should try to find ways to include these in your diet as often as you can. They shouldn’t be hard to find, or enjoy. These foods allow you to enjoy great health, and still have a normal diet. Try this out! good luck!

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