Tour De France Exercise BikeRecently there has been a surge of attention turned to Proform for their new Tour De France Exercise Bike. With the famous bike race going on right now, Proform just released an in home stationary bike to allow ordinary people to participate in the race. The race is one of the hilliest, most intense, and most famous races in the world. The Bike is built to be able to simulate such intensity with its out door simulation technology.

The new innovative features on the Tour De France bike include an automatic 20% incline and decline, SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, digital gears, built in wind resistance, Google Maps integration, and Ifit Live.

All the features integrate perfectly together to create one of the most dynamic and realistic outdoor experiences on a stationary bike. The 20% incline and decline is as much as almost any hill you will encounter on a real bike. How it works, is Google Maps has already mapped out all the terrain in the world. All you do, is pick your course that you’d like to ride, and Google will download the measurements to your bike, and your bike will tilt up and down to simulate the hills. Using this technology you can effectively train for any course around the world that you’d like, right in your own living room.

If you’d like to race with the Tour De France Cyclists, just choose the course on your Google Map, and start pedaling. The bike will keep track of your distance and speed and everything else, so you can know right where you are alongside the rest of the cyclists. Imagine how useful this would be to professional cyclists who don’t have the means to travel around the world to practice every race they’d like to enter. They can now practice from their own home.

Or say you’d like to see how long it would take you to travel across the US using a particular course. Just plug it in, and start pedaling. The bike will handle the rest, including hills and more. You can see your progress on Ifit Live and compete with yourself or others. Imagine the motivation this could supply to your workouts. I can’t think of a better motivation to working out than coming in to my living room and seeing this bike beckoning me to hop on and ride.

The bike is for sale right now for $1,299 at Proform: Tour de France Exercise Bike. Before you buy it, you can read reviews and even claim a $75 coupon at Proform Coupons: Proform Tour De France Bike.

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