DietPeople have all sorts of crazy conceptions about how to lose weight and get into shape. People hear something, and so they try it without researching it much. Some of these things work, some don’t, some look like they work, but are very temporary, and some are flat-out harmful. When losing weight or getting into shape, you should always look at the long term picture rather than a short term fix. You always want to take the healthiest route. This will help you stay healthy and in shape in the future and throughout your life.

We wanted to list a few things you should make sure not to do when dieting.

First. Don’t go anorexic. You’re probably saying, yes we know, that’s obvious. Well, however obvious we think it is, statistics show that a great many women still use anorexia to lose weight, whether they mean to or not. To stop eating is bad for you. Period. Stopping eating to lose weight is like drinking salt water to quench your thirst. It only makes things worse. Your body has to get good at holding onto whatever you give it, and so your metabolism goes way down, and when you do start eating again your body puts on pounds extremely quickly. You end up harming yourself much more than helping yourself. Even doing things like skipping breakfast are more detrimental than healthy. Metabolism a key player in weight loss, and if you mess with it, it will mess back. The best way to keep your metabolism working at its highest is to eat as soon as you wake up, and then eat for lunch and dinner. What you can change are your portion sizes and what you eat. Be cautious when diet plans try to tell you when, or how often to eat.

Studies show that people who skip breakfast actually gain more weight per year than those who do eat breakfast. The principle of the matter is, you should have something in your body throughout the day while you’re active. Try not to eat at night within 1 or 2 hours of going to bed. It’s okay to go to bed on an empty stomach. Late night snacks tend to turn straight into fat because our body doesn’t use them.

Remember these few things, and stay tuned for the next tip.

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